Our Services

On site & Remote repairs for your Windows or Mac computer. From virus removal to file recovery and reformatting, or setting up a wireless network, a backup system, or a new computer, we do it all.

Since Covid19, our ability to connect remotely (no on-site visit required) has become the go-to method for any repairs that do not require physical alterations. As long as your internet is working and your computer is bootable, we can likely connect via secure software and solve your issues while you sit at your desk and watch your screen.


If you don't have a solid state hard drive (SSD) and your computer is sluggish, it's an affordable and upgrade that will drastically improve your computer's performance. Adding RAM memory can also make a huge difference. We'll happily look at your computer's specs and determine which upgrade(s) are best suited.

Computer Maintenance

Like your car, your computer should be checked by an expert occasionally to keep it running smoothly. Let us immunize your computer from nasty viruses, and Spyware or Adware that invades your privacy and slows down your machine. We will also check that your system resources are not being stretched to accommodate unnecessary programs that eat up precious memory every time you start your computer.

New Computers

Although computer prices are constantly dropping, it’s still a major purchase and one that should not be taken lightly. Let us assist with selecting or building the right computer for your needs and bring it to your home or business ready to go.